High intensity interval treadmill classes in Santa Monica, CA

Why DASH works


The True Mile

At DASH, we base our programming off of your True Mile (TM). TM is your Strong joG pace.

Whether you run a 5-minute or a 15-minute mile, our certified coaches have created cutting-edge programming to lead DASH members on a 55-minute journey where you own your pace for challenging sprints, jogs, hills & recoveries to maximize your run. Our sanctuary of 22 elite Woodway treadmills provide a superior running experience with less impact and an unparalleled smooth stride.

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data-driven insights

Polar Heart Rate Monitors

Empowered by data-driven insights via Polar USA, we provide exclusive high intensity interval running classes for performance-driven athletes of all levels. DASH provides each athlete with their personalized training data for actionable guidance into your training efforts.

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With its uniquely calibrated frequency, amplitude, and torque, the Theragun is engineered to effectively treat sore lactic-acid-filled muscles and other muscle-related conditions. DASH provides Theraguns for our members to activate muscles and joints to achieve a broader range of motion.